It’s all about the Magnesium

If you really want to achieve your results then you need to take your nutrition seriously.  If you need some advice then look no further than our in-house Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch. Jackie recently featured in Absolutely Magazine, advising one of their editors, see below. '’s very refreshing to meet Jackie Lynch. With more actual nutritional qualifications and experience than La Paltrow could dream of, Lynch is as proper as they come. She practises in Notting Hill at a clinic at BodyWorksWest in Lambton Place, as well as Evolve in Kendrick Mews in South Kensingon.

Lynch pre-nutritional background was as a senior executive in a media organization and she now does lots of work with stressed out exec-types at blue chip companies such Morgan Stanley, HarperCollins and JP Morgan. Oh, and she the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. As I said, she’s proper.

We meet in Notting Hill....' Click Here to read the rest of the feature in Absolutely Magazine    

Press feature on Kiom Therapy at BodyWorksWest

Please enjoy this a great feature on Kiom Therapy with Aglaia at BodyWorksWest Embody-Magazine-Spring-2014 for more info click here

Ki for energy Om for vibration

Kiom Therapy is energetic vibrational massage that treats the entire body.  It is an integrated combination of functional and structural forms of rehabilitation, giving the body the resources and awareness to heal itself.No part of the body functions independently, without being affected by its other parts.  Kiom Therapy treats all interconnected systems, tissues, joints, muscles, internal organs and energetic/endocrine imbalances.  It harmonizes the body, leading to health, wellbeing and better functioning of all body systems.  It affects the circulatory systems, immune systems, central nervous systems, gastro-intestinal and lymph system.