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My career in the fitness industry began way back in 2004, however in the midst of what was a really positive time in my career my physical and mental well-being started to deteriorate.
I gained weight, developed depression, suffered with chronic pain, migraines and digestive issues. Having not got any results with help from other practitioners, I decided to learn how to take charge of my health and treat myself well.
I was given the opportunity to work and live in Dubai and also became the fitness columnist for Al Arabiya news and produced weekly articles and vidoe blogs.
In December 2013 I travelled to San Diego California and spent 3 months learning to become a Master Trainer with Functional Patterns.
What makes functional patterns unique from other systems is the fact it is solely orientated towards perfection of human biomechanics and having good applications in every single movement that we apply
I developed cutting-edge approach when addressing lifestyle and exercise that is not typically found in the industry and helping to address much deeper rooted problems with my clientele.
I don’t regret going through so many struggles in the past because this experience has given me a deeper insight into wellness and led me down a new path of thinking
My mission is to empower and teach you to take charge of your own health, get you out of pain, prevent future injury and not only improve your physical appearance but also your entire quality of life. Just as I have accomplished with mine.
Specialist in:
Rehab Pain management
Gait / Running mechanics
Myofascial Sling Training / Tensegrity


Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist
Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach (level 1)
Chek Exercise Coach (level 1)
TRX Suspension system Trainer
CKT Kettlebell instructor (level 1)

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