10 ways to kick start your new year exercise regime



As time ticks on the new year is upon us and we all have that burning desire to get into shape and feel great, you could say “Make our bodies great again “. I can imagine every year you say this to yourselves and then in never happens, I think by now we all know the benefits of exercising and how it can boost your self-esteem 10-fold giving you a new lease of life. In this article I will be giving you 10 ways to ensure you stick to your goals and achieve them.


– Exercise in the morning

Morning workouts have several advantages, if you have ever tried this have you noticed how you feel more energetic during the day? This is because exercise can kick start your metabolism and keeps you burning calories at a higher rate for the day. Exercising before breakfast can also help overeating during the day studies have found. If you struggle to wake up here is an easy tip move your alarm clock away from your bed, this will make you get out of bed.

2- Make a friend in the gym

Befriend a gym goer and train together, studies have found that training with an exercise partner can increase your productivity in the gym by almost 10%, let alone the social benefits can help you get in a good mood for the whole day. Ensure you find someone with similar goals to you, so you can tailor your programs together.

3- Fail to plan, plan to fail

I’m sure you have heard of this saying before, but it is very relevant to when working out. Each week plan your workouts, when your going to do them, what the workout consists of and the end goal of the workout. Write everything down so you can track and see your actual progress week on week.

4- Let Music be your motivator

Ever been to the gym and forgot your iPod? yes, I know I have been there. Having a motivational playlist can increase your workout output, help your mood and in general just great to sign along too.

5- Plan ahead

This tip does obviously link in with 3, pack your bag, get your playlist ready and get your trainers by the door in the evening ready for the morning workout. Don’t leave anything till last minute.

6 – Reward yourself

As you start to see changes in your body treat yourself, maybe new top or new jeans or a dress. This will help show you the progress you have made and keep you focused on the long-term goal, let’s face it everyone likes shopping.

7- Shout about it

Tell everyone and anyone about your training, with a world of social media and influencers becoming an inspiration for someone else and post your workouts and show your progress to the world. It will also keep you accountable, plus you might even get a well done from friends with your efforts to improve your life and live longer (Plus how good your looking obviously).

8 – Ask a professional

Most health clubs have on hand experts to help you, there is a reason they are there and not just to look pretty, some clubs this will be included in your membership and some may ask for an extra charge. The professionals have trained in writing programs and planning to help clients reach goals, use them.

9- Record your feelings

Ever wrote a diary when you were younger or still write one? Keep a log of how you feel after each workout, this will help you look back and if you’re in a bad mood you can do a workout that made you feel great.

10 – Focus on the long haul

Changing your life is not a quick fix, write down your big goal pin it on the fridge, stick it to your bedroom wall anywhere you can see it every day and slowly but surely keep working towards it.

You have all the tools to succeed now, its time for you to put this in action and reap the benefits of “Making your body great again”. For more information on how to let us help you contact our membership team sales@bodyworkswest.co.uk


Jeremy Allen
Master Trainer