Fitness at Christmas

Get ready for Party Season | Fitness at Christmas | Festive season tips
As Londoners, we know all too well the Christmas holiday period is extremely busy and comes with all the indulgence the capital is famed for.
Whilst we struggle to stay on the nice list with all the naughty temptations, we look at how to strike a balance this festive season and not rely too much on the inevitable “new year new you” promises. Following simple and easy to implement party season tactics will ensure that once Christmas and New Year celebrations draw to a close, you don’t have an Everest to conquer to get back in shape.
We have spoken to our BWW PT’s and came up with 3 easy steps to allow you to enjoy Christmas whilst maintaining a focus on your health.
1 – Maintenance Exercise
Once the festive season starts this reaps havoc on our routines and sticking to a routine when time is in even shorter supply is tough, for all of us!
Something has to give right? If you are used to exercising a few times a week, the time slashing demands often means a reduction in our training frequency. Not all is lost, and it does not mean that your fitness levels have to plummet. During the festive period, we can reach for the SOS button and a few weeks of maintenance training can result in minimal or even no fitness losses.
According to Michael Fireman, he notices in himself and his client’s performance and endurance can benefit from short periods of reduced training because the body gets the opportunity to recharge and rebuild.
When we get back to our regular training routines many members find that they have renewed vigour and enthusiasm for PT sessions and their regular training.
Here are a few easy tips for maintenance training during the festivities.
✔️A commitment to staying fit
Plan in some shorter and/or less frequent exercise sessions and stick to it.
✔️Some exercise is better than no exercise
If you usually enjoy several treadmill runs or spinning classes a week cutting your run time by half and dropping a few classes a week will still keep you fit. You can reduce your resistance and weight training time by dropping sets. Your time in the gym will reduce but you’re still exercising the same muscles, so your strength won’t disappear.
✔️Quality Over Quantity
Maintain your more challenging sessions, focus on every session being challenging, whether cardio or weight training. That way you’ll work out less with increased intensity whilst you keep your fitness edge that you’ve worked hard to achieve throughout the year.
2 – Time Efficient Exercise
In addition to focusing on maintenance training, you can also put a few extra steps in place that save time.
✔️Resistance Training Workouts
Usually, we will have a recovery period that’s an essential component of your training, but during the festive, instead of relaxing and recovering between sets, try carrying out complementary exercises during the recoveries. As an example alternate between the following muscles:
• Chest and upper back.
• Biceps and triceps.
• Abdominals and lower back.
✔️Cardio Workouts
A time saver for your cardio workouts is High-Intensity Training. Shorter and more intense bursts of cardio followed by shorter recovery periods. Crank up the resistance on the rower, cross-trainer or bike, or simply put more gradient on the treadmill and GO FOR IT.
Race against the clock, literally. It’s a tough approach but it’s a great training module and a shorter session brings as much of the benefits as your default workout.
This way you get a greater training effect than just a steady workout and so you can cut your session time down yet remain fit.
3 – Calorie Saving Ideas
Keeping your calorie intake at normal levels is a battle few conquer during this season of champagne and mince pies. With some planning, you can still enjoy all the festivities and keep the calories in check.
Try these three calorie saving ideas to keep your waistline under control.
✔️Stick to the Measures
If you only get three glasses of wine out of a bottle by applying the much-loved free pour, your 80 calories a glass shoots up to 160 calories a glass, so stick to standard hospitality measures as far as you can. If this is tough to stick to measures – try and be the one doing the pouring and make sure your glass is only half full/empty.
✔️ All the Christmas trimmings
Stick to the main attractions. Fill up with more proteins such as the ham, turkey or salmon. The trimmings such as bacon, sausage, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce can easily total the lion’s share of the calories. Sample all the delights but choose your second helpings wisely.
✔️ The proof is in the Christmas puddings
Christmas pudding and mince pies are delicious, especially with the ice cream and sinful brandy butter, but these festive delights are also very high in calories. Add the accompanying condiments, these go through the roof!
Try some crème Fraiche or yoghurt as an alternative and you cut out some of the fat and save calories whilst still enjoying that Christmas pud.
That is Christmas all wrapped up
From cosy dinners to corporate cocktail receptions most of us will struggle with limited time and the tempting fare at this time of year.
BodyWorksWest are open during most of the festive period, please see our festive timetable in the club, to help you maintain your fitness and burn those extra mince pies. By training smartly and setting in place a few sensible eating boundaries, you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.
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