Learning to See the Aura Event

Hello, I am Daniele (Daniel Pilates teacher) I would like to invite you to attend a special event organized for the first time ever in the Uk by the Strucker institute of Germany.

I have had the pleasure to meet them and I highly recommend their event. Here’s what this first meeting is all about in their own words…

Every person has an energy field that surrounds him. This is commonly referred to as “Your Aura”. All your personal information, past and future events, skills and problems of physical and spiritual nature are represented in your aura as vibrational patterns.

Constricting thought can be identified in the form of energy blockages in your aura. Through simple exercises they can be perceived and resolved, thereby enhancing your sense of personal joy and boosting personal vitality. These exercises will help you grow and expand your nature and perceptions. This is a deeply personal process of development which will rejuvenate the very essence of self within you.

The basic training begins with an introductory weekend. This is followed by a total of ten days spread over a year.

Event details

You can come at 3pm to 5pm for free for an explanation of what the method is all about… then if you like what you hear, you can stay from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and have a direct experience of some of the exercises. The cost of the second part of the event is £20.

Hope you can make it, if you can let me know at danbnow@live.co.uk or just come on the day.

Thank you.

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