June 2015

5 Interesting Facts about Pilates

30 Jun , 2015 Fitness

Pilates is an exercise system that has a lot of health benefits, much more than the mere developing strong abs (which is already a great incentive). Incorporating elements of yoga, martial arts and Western forms of exercise, it can help improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility, core strength and joint mobility, as well as relieve […]

Powerhouse Pilates with Lucy Slater

16 Jun , 2015 Club News/Fitness

Lucy SlaterĀ is a Stott Certified Pilates teacher, with a background in dance having trained at The Arts Educational School. Lucy has always been passionate about anatomy and takes great pleasure in empowering her clients with a comprehensive understanding of how to optimise muscle recruitment and body control. Lucy trains clients at BodyWorksWest for all over […]