2020 | Develop daily habits to improve your life

We’re kicking off the new year with a whole lot of self-love, none of the “new year, new you” allowed! You were awesome last year, and you are awesome this year!
January has and will always be the month for a lot of resolution talk. TALK IS CHEAP, and keeping up that same ambition throughout the year is tough, F A C T. No matter your juggling skills, work, family and life’s endless admin the good intentions and grand ambition often falls off the priority chart.
We have spoken to our team of fitness gurus here at BWW on how to make small changes to your daily routines that can have a big victory punch for those elusive resolutions.
We have all been guilty of overusing and shamelessly abusing the snooze button, especially with the colder (and darker) days. Now, there is no getting around this, you have to break this habit.
According to the Journal of Psychiatric Research, early risers have a 12-27% lower risk of depression than late sleepers, who also tend to have more irregular sleep patterns.
Getting up earlier gives you plenty of time to get through your morning routine CALM and setting you up for the day ahead.
Start by keeping it simple and wake up at the same every day to help regulate your sleep patterns, and habits.
With the best will in the world, not all of us can exercise every single day. But you can aim for 10,000 steps. It’s very simple and like most things in life if you keep it simple it WORKS. Getting your 10,000 steps in has great health benefits.
Studies have suggested that walking 10,000 steps daily not only aids your weight loss objectives but that it also helps to decrease our risk of heart disease and diabetes.
You can build this habit up slowly over time, and go from really concentrating on walking more, to effortlessly making this part of your day to day life.
Be ruthless and do what it takes to hit your 10,000 steps per day goal.
NOW, this is nothing new but let’s just drive this point home 👉🏾 exercise releases endorphins, those, in turn, make you look and feel great.
According to MWeb, it’s been reported that good health comes from working out 30 minutes a day, three to five times a week. Walk, bike, dance, do yoga – your options are infinite. Just get moving and luckily for you, we have it all here at BWW to suit all levels and fitness types.
To make sure you meet your exercise goals, PLAN your week, diarise your exercise time, and make that your true north. Do not allow bumping your reformer Pilates off the calendar for one of life’s many many curveballs.
This is true for everyone so we are giving you fair warning here, you will not go from zero to hero overnight. Building this habit takes time. Start small and build this over time, and don’t worry about the time this will take, time will pass anyway, so get busy, moving and sweating.
We’re human and miss-steps are part of life, a glass of wine too much, a workout skipped, an alarm that went off missed, it happens, and it will never stop happening. Accept imperfection.
Making better choices and having goals set out shouldn’t be about deprivation, as that will for sure end in disappointment, it is not sustainable, so RELAX. We should strive to make lifestyle changes that become part of our blueprint rather than short term (unrealistic) goals. If something is part of your lifestyle it is likely to stick and serve you for the long run.
It’s never too late to add some of these healthy habits to your life. Every day is a new start to make better choices.
Make the most of your time, get on the podcast train. Pick your topic of interest or area of struggle/weakness and use this as your news source whilst on the move.
This convenient fad is sometimes just what you need to relax without completely being stationary in front of the television. Listening to a podcast during your workouts, getting your 10 k steps in or simply to and from work, you are bound to find some truth, inspiration and solid knowledge.
BWW PRO-TIP: Start with one new healthy habit per week and add on from there. When too much change happens at once it can be overwhelming. Inch by Inch ✌🏿