5 benifits of Barre classes with Kate Neudecker



With over 10 years experience in dance, Barre and ballet has been the foundation of my training, which has allowed me to be stronger more supple and have increased mobility in life. Here is why you should incorporate Barre into your week:

1. Makes you stronger – the isometric contractions that make up the bulk of barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing length, one-inch movements help hold posture longer and benefit from continuously engaging the muscle.

2. It’s fun and upbeat – with the class incorporating dance, barre is fun whilst creating an enjoyable workout environment.

3. Increased Aerobic Capacity – Aerobic activity is a key factor in all round fitness, Barre exercises raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism, it focuses on the lower body helping you sculpt and become leaner.

4. Increased bone health – The more you attend Barre, the stronger your muscles will be. Constant tension placed on the muscles influence the bones to make them stronger too – the key to warding off osteoporosis.

5. Improves Flexibility – Ballet stretches play a major part of the session done at each interval, which elongate the muscles and help you achieve a long lean physique.
Make sure you book on to a Barre class soon to feel the benefits listed or alternatively get in contact with myself should you have any questions.


Kate Neudecker – Personal Trainer at BWW