10 ways to kick start your new year exercise regime

26 Nov , 2018 Club News/Fitness/Group Exercise/Nutrition

    As time ticks on the new year is upon us and we all have that burning desire to get into shape and feel great, you could say “Make our bodies great again “. I can imagine every year you say this to yourselves and then in never happens, I think by now we […]

5 Reasons why Yoga is good for you

1 Feb , 2018 Group Exercise

    What is yoga? Yoga is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years for mental and physical health. It combines physical postures with breath work to help improve flexibility, posture, strength and to help calm the mind. In short, yoga is a science, a moving meditation that is practiced world […]

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The effects of taking part in dry January

17 Jan , 2018 Nutrition

    What is dry January? Once a year (sometimes two, sober October) people across the country ditch the alcohol for one month, now this sounds like a great idea to cleanse the body of toxins and help improve your way of life in many other ways. There is also a flip side to absconding […]

Can food intolerance endanger my cruciate ligament?

26 Nov , 2017 chek practitioner/Fitness/Nutrition

    Not a question that you were expecting I would imagine?! This may seem like a totally unrelated subject but in this article I aim to give a small but vital insight into this subject; specifically when considering the optimal conditioning for winter sports. To begin with, it is paramount to understand two things; […]

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3 Key Weight Lifting exercises to include in your training

20 Oct , 2017 Fitness

    In this post I am going to share with you why weight training is so important for fat loss and functional fitness.In my opinion when it comes to functional fitness and aesthetic goals, nailing some of the main lifting techniques is key. These movements will not only help with the functionality of your […]

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Hannah Moodie AMN Practitioner

16 Oct , 2017 Fitness

    Do you suffer from pain – a bad back perhaps, sciatica, aching neck and shoulders, or recovering from injury? Do you find it difficult to strengthen your core no matter how much you try? Do you suffer from scoliosis? Do you have a bad posture or issues with your gait? Do you struggle […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

4 Apr , 2017 Nutrition/Therapy

It is a common misconception that coconut oil is bad for you. People all over the world are experiencing the healthy benefits of using coconut oil. It is actually one of the healthiest oils you can consume. Here are the top seven reasons why you should use coconut oil as an alternative to other common […]

2 Steps To Six Pack Abs

22 Mar , 2017 Fitness/Nutrition

First off, I want to mention that, for most people, getting six pack abs is not an easy task. It requires dedication, but it is possible! Below is a general 2-step guide that, if followed religiously for 3 months, will produce results. First off, I want to mention that, for most people, getting six pack […]

How to Avoid the Top 3 Diet Mistakes

10 Mar , 2017 Nutrition

If you’re feeling sluggish after a long winter, March is the perfect month to overhaul your diet and lifestyle and put the spring back in your step. If you’re ready to make some changes, be sure to maximise your efforts by avoiding the most common dieting mistakes. Here are three key areas to focus on […]

Top Three Exercises For Stress Relief

28 Feb , 2017 Fitness

Whether coming from our jobs, personal life, incompetent drivers, or the soaring gas prices, stress seems to be all around us, bombarding us with an overload that has us overworked, cranky, and restless. The effects of prolonged stress on the human body can be devastating to our health resulting in migraines, muscle aches, insomnia, digestive […]

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