Breakfast; The most important meal of the day?

You often hear said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is this true? Being the good skeptic that I am I never take anything as being fact unless there is good evidence and a recent study provides us with some in relation to the breakfast question.  

The  study in question looked at 467 teenagers who were asked to fill out a food frequency questionnaire and keep a 7-day food journal. Both  were verified by the parents and registered dietitians for accuracy. Body mass index was calculated for each subject and percentage body fat was measured.  About 16% of subjects were overweight and 7% obese. Interestingly it was observed that the overweight and obese subjects tended to eat a smaller proportion of daily calories at breakfast and also reported being hungrier.

It was also observed that those who ate a “full” breakfast had an average daily intake of 350 fewer calories per day than those who did not. A “full” breakfast was deemed as providing 25 percent of the day’s total calories and consisting of at least four food groups.

The researchers further found the subjects who typically ate a “full” breakfast consumed more healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber and less saturated fats and cholesterol each day than those who did not eat a “full” breakfast

So there you have it, it may indeed be a good idea to breakfast like a king. You will tend to eat healthier through out the rest of the day and in the long run it shouldn’t have an impact on your weight.


Breakfast quality and its relationship to the prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents. Nutricon Hospitalaria, 2011, 26 (5)