Covid-19 Safety Protocol for Members



In order to allow us to keep our members and our staff safe, we need your cooperation as members in making sure you follow the guidelines we have put in place to keep the community safe. All the team at BodyWorksWest will be trained in new procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

We recognise that there will be a large spectrum of Members views on what is necessary and safe, and what is not, but we ask you all for your understanding in helping us to implement this safety protocol. We cannot maintain a safe environment without your help and support in following these guidelines and we appreciate your understanding and taking appropriate actions when at BodyWorksWest.

Importance of not contracting and spreading the Virus

Every action taken in the following guidelines is intend to protect our staff and our members, prevent the virus spreading, protect people from becoming ill, save lives and protect the health services from becoming overburdened.

If at any moment you feel any of the following symptoms either before, during, or after time at BWW please contact reception by telephone, so we can guide you through what to do – DO NOT Approach reception or a member of staff physically if you are exhibiting any of these symptoms

COVID 19 – Symptoms

Please do not attempt to hide any of these symptoms our staff are here to help you and will advise you on what to do in order to help you and others!

High Risk Persons

If you are in the high risk category in line with government guidelines we recommend you stay home. To find out if you are high risk, please click here

Handwashing, Hand Sanitising and Hand Care

Staff and Members must:

Washing your hands regularly and using high alcohol sanitising products will irritate your hands and can lead to cracks which will make them vulnerable to infection. Ensure you are moisturising your hands regularly, particularly after washing your hands to protect them from becoming too dry.


Additional disinfecting and cleaning around the Gym

Facilities Affected

Protective Equipment

Masks will not be mandatory for Members, however, we strongly encourage you to wear one upon entering/leaving the Club, when waiting for a class and in all common areas; including changing rooms, reception and the lounge. A mask is not required nor recommended while exercising on the gym floor or in the studios. All Staff will be required to wear masks, and the reception desk will have protective screens to protect our Receptionists.



Gym Floor

Changing Rooms

Swimming Pool

Pilates Reformer Studio

Main Studio

Spin Studio

Member DO’S 👍

Member DONT’S 👎

If a member of staff or member is showing symptoms

Following the guidance of what Public Health England, in the event a staff member or club member is showing signs of Coronavirus they must be immediately isolated from the rest of the members’ and team.

Things to remember when outside the Gym

Always follow the guidance as stated above. If you are unsure on how to do something, how something works, or have any questions regarding general health and safety or something specific to Covid-19, please see the Club manager.