Motivation during the winter period

You’ve probably heard that exercising outdoors makes us happier and relieves anxiety, but most of us can’t exercise outside all year round because of the weather.
So the unappealing notion of getting out from under your blanket seems impossible, but what if there were a few tips and tricks we could reveal to you? We want your flame to burn bright during this cold season.

Focus On Activities Rather Than Workouts

While conventional workouts are great and certainly shouldn’t be abandoned altogether, there is something to be said for getting your exercise as a side-effect of fun activities. In winter, when all chores and routines are going to seem dull and irritating, this is even more meaningful.
To give yourself that extra incentive for working out, consider setting up a regular sporting event with your friends, or else signing up for a fun class BodyWorksWest.

Focus On Group Training

Even if you’re a lone ranger, there are certain benefits to training in a group which can really make a difference when motivation is running low.
If you’re a solo trainee and skip a planned workout, you’ll likely feel a bit guilty about it, but you won’t have to deal with the judgment of others. If you’re in a training group, however, you’re going to get an earful when you don’t turn up – and that’s generally for the best.

Do Shorter, More Intense Workouts

Summoning up the motivation to go for a half-hour jog isn’t so difficult on a mild summer morning, all things considered. It’s an entirely different story on a gusty winter day, with icy rain falling in buckets.
One good way of keeping your time outdoors to a minimum, while still getting an effective workout, is to trade your longer bouts of steady-state cardio for shorter high-intensity sprint sessions. Instead of spending 30 minutes exposed to the elements, you can dedicate 10 minutes to really working up a sweat on the treadmill. Not only will this shorten your workout times and help you stay warm in the cold, but research also suggests that HIIT sessions may amplify the health and fitness benefits of traditional steady-state cardio. BodyWorksWest have developed 30 minute HIIT classes and run two times a day.