KC studios 


Did you know there is a hair salon at the other end of the Lambton place mews ?


KC Studios – a place for  good hair, good friendship, good design and good lifestyle


and beyond

We are moving with the times and offering a modern approach to a traditional hair salon.  Honouring the reputation and heritage of a well established Notting Hill hairdresser Kell Skott. We have given the salon  a studio feel and are offering our customers a little bit more than just hairdressing – it’s an experience.

Starting from beautiful cuts and colours, private events, small designer pop ups, workshops and intimate concerts, KC Studios are offering the mix of what Notting Hill  is all about. We are here to inspire our customers and our artists



2-4 Lambton Place, Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 2SH, United Kingdom

020 7229 1671