Max Mara Weekend – BWW Offer

MaxMara Weekend was established in 1984 with a clear mission.the decade of the ‘80s marked a major evolution in the professional role of women, a development that was closely interlinked with shifts in customs. The conquest of important positions in the business world led to the rise of a whole new female generation, the “Career Women”. These were women who looked to their professional life for fulfilment, yet outside of the workplace led a busy, varied life and therefore needed clothes to suit the various different occasions that formed part of their day. Max Mara saw the needs of these “new women” on the horizon well in advance, allowing the firm to stay one step ahead of the market by creating, at the beginning of the decade, the Weekend and Pianoforte collections, which, together with the Max Mara range itself, were able to cover the needs of the modern woman by being both elegant and practical. The Max Mara range presented a formal line of clothing, suitable for the workplace, while the Weekend line was designed, as the name suggests, for leisure time. Pianoforte, for its part, was created with special occasions in mind, offering elegant outfits for cocktail parties, private parties, vernissages and weddings. Today, as the customs shifted again, what once was the “leisure time attire” is now a life style, therefore Weekend enlarged the proposal of product and today can satisfy all the needs of the modern, active woman that wants to be chic and sophisticated but comfortable and easy at the same time.


BodyWorksWest Offer

MaxMara Weekend and BodyWorksWest have teamed up to offer all BWW members a complimentary yoga mat when you present your membership card at the till *Offer ends when the yoga mat and bags are out of stock.


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