The Spa

Enjoy fully unwinding after a workout inside our state of the art spa fitted with all of the latest and greatest technology revolved around relaxation.

Your Wellness

Everyone deserves and needs a little “Me” time every now and again, enjoy turning away from the stress of daily life and emerge feeling fresh and rejuvenated¬†in our brand new modern spa!


Look after yourself

Our Notting Hill Spa is the perfect place for an invigorating swim session or a leisurely day with tranquil pool lighting to help you unwind.


Take a look below at our available therapies on offer at BodyWorksWest!

Enjoy a wide array of physiotherapy here at BodyWorksWest.


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Enjoy a foot massage here at BodyWorksWest Gym after a long workout here at BodyWorksWest.


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Members here at BodyWorksWest have access to a wide array of different therpaies, including massages.


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Cosmetic Skin Clinic

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