The Lowdown on Lockdown: Isolation Mobilisation

Thank you to our BWW friend and physiotherapist Ben Lombard for contributing to our blog this month. Ben’s approach to treatment heavily involves educating patients to prevent future issues arising, especially those associated with exercise training and ageing.
‘Stay home, stay safe, and protect our NHS.’ This is one of the most important messages that you will currently see on your social media. Whilst broadly speaking this is referring to home-isolation, but if you look beyond this situation we all have an amazing opportunity to take the pressure off of the NHS for years and years to come.
Let me give you the Lowdown on The Lockdown
At home, you have much greater control of daily variables. How much you exercise, what you eat, when you go to sleep, just to name a few. Whilst I understand this is unprecedented times, you can take advantage of this and use it to Level up!
If I have learned anything over the past two weeks it has been this:
I waste so much time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
My sofa is not a comfortable seat for more than 8 hours
My mum was right, binging The Jeremy Kyle Show is not a productive use of my time
And most importantly! Moving my body just feels SO DAMN GOOD!
For some, stress levels are through the roof right now. People panicking about work-load…. Too much..! not enough…! I know I have had days where I’ve just wanted to bury my head in the sand and wait for things to be ‘back to normal’.
What. A. Waste. Of. Time.
What we should be doing is using this time to take a step back, gain some perspective and one thing that I can help you with today is to help you get your body moving! Exercise is a wonderful tool to implement into your daily routine – The serotonin-releasing goodness is an absolute must in times like this. The endorphin release after a HIIT work-out or that ‘Runner’s High’ after an awesome run or just that feeling of pure Zen after finishing your first follow-along Yoga flow on youtube… heavenly.
The benefits of daily exercise
The benefits of daily exercise are too many to list, but here are three of the most important ones to know about:
Exercise can make you feel happier – exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. Which is invaluable as mental health is an ever-growing concern for the NHS.
Improved body composition – Exercise can help you build muscle and burn fat, which in turn can improve body confidence and body image.
It can reduce your risk of chronic illness – This is a HUGE benefit and goes back to reliving pressure from the NHS – stay fit, stay healthy and stay away from hospitals! This refers to all forms of ill-health, from cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses all the way to obesity, all of which rely heavily on the NHS for treatment.
With these benefits in mind, you must remember that one beauty of exercise is its many varieties and you must use this time to try as many things as you can, find your favourite and work a way to weave it into your daily routine.
What can I do now?
You must use social media for all the free online content being created, that’s what its there for! My top suggestions are:
Home-Exercise program tailored for you by a professional (EMAIL Me!!) just for a structured, and accountable way to work out. OR to work on existing injuries.
Boho Beautiful yoga on Youtube – a mix of strength and flexibility – easy to follow!
Start Running with an online coach (EMAIL ME!!) – progressive running with Strength and conditioning and injury prevention exercises for that dose of vitamin D and fresh air!
Going for a walk – try to get those 10,000 steps
Daily Flow and Stretching routine – just something for you, nothing planned just follow your body to see what feels natural. Stretching areas that feel tight
Any mix of the amazing exercise classes put on by the brilliant Body Works West studio team on Instagram Live!
Head over to my page @benlombardphysiotherapy where I am constantly posting general and injury-specific rehab exercises, mobility routines, and postural exercises all to help you battle through this tough time and come out on top.
Follow along with this mobility routine I use daily to mobilise the joints and muscles in my upper body!

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Working remotely? Here are some must-do stretches to combat common postural aches and pains caused by hunching over computers, laptops and phones! A run through of some of my favourite upper body stretches! Easy to follow along! Save this one and try work it into your daily routine!!!

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