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Cristina Dragomir personal trainer
My passion for sports started since I was a kid. I start training into a fitness gym at 17 years old and I become a qualified personal trainer because i like the whole fitness world and I wanted to know how to train on my own.   Then I start to share my passion and my knowledge about fitness and help my friends and I’ll get to the point to think I should turn this it into a career and make my job a passion.   The best part of this job and what it’s make me happy it’s help people to reach them goals and see the progress in them body and mind.   If you never train before let me get you into this world or if you need help with your training feel free to contact me and let have a consultation.   My area: fat loss, strength and conditioning, postural alignment, nutrition, mobility and MOTIVATION.   I start my day with couple of glasses of water with lemon. The most important for me it’s be hydrated. Eat ~ Train ~ Love


  • Level 3 personal trainer award
  • Level 3 advanced nutrition
  • Level 2 fitness instructing award
  • Body conditioning level 2
  • Advanced weight training diploma
  • Body Weight workout expert

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