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Our team of talented and passionate Personal Trainers will inspire you, motivate you and educate you through your fitness journey.

Welcome to the BodyWorksWest Gym Floor

Our trainers have decades of experience between them and offer a wide array of training styles and methods to suit your needs.  


Our coaches (Formally known as Master Trainers) have consistently proved over a period of time at BodyWorksWest, that they are able to elicit outstanding results with our members with particularly important goals. 


Whether it be high level Strength and Conditioning, Fat Loss, muscle building, improved Flexibility, posture and weight management, or just getting a worthwhile sweat on. All of our trainers and Coaches have proven time and again that they have the skill set to get the job done. 


For more information on finding the right trainer, feel free to get in touch with one of our trainers to discuss your options.

Our Trainers

There are endless benefits of personal training, our team can help you meet your fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively.

 They will help you build long-term knowledge about what you need to do in order to remain fit and healthy. You will gain better results and learn to enjoy exercise more than ever before!

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