October 2017

3 Key Weight Lifting exercises to include in your training

20 Oct , 2017 Fitness

    In this post I am going to share with you why weight training is so important for fat loss and functional fitness.In my opinion when it comes to functional fitness and aesthetic goals, nailing some of the main lifting techniques is key. These movements will not only help with the functionality of your […]

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Hannah Moodie AMN Practitioner

16 Oct , 2017 Fitness

    Do you suffer from pain – a bad back perhaps, sciatica, aching neck and shoulders, or recovering from injury? Do you find it difficult to strengthen your core no matter how much you try? Do you suffer from scoliosis? Do you have a bad posture or issues with your gait? Do you struggle […]

5 benifits of Barre classes with Kate Neudecker

15 Oct , 2017 Group Exercise

    With over 10 years experience in dance, Barre and ballet has been the foundation of my training, which has allowed me to be stronger more supple and have increased mobility in life. Here is why you should incorporate Barre into your week:   1. Makes you stronger – the isometric contractions that make […]