EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), could be the answer to saving all of us time in the gym. EMS training has been hailed the industry over for its low impact but high-intensity workouts and it’s quite the game changer and we love that we have this member offering at BWW.
The technology before today were utilised primarily for rehabilitation in sports centres dealing with injuries.
EMS studios are booming, not only in the UK but globally due to its compressed time frame and results, and we spoke to our resident EMS expert, Igor for more in this nifty in house gadget.

Despite the unorthodox name, this weight training alternative is quite straight forward and easy to use.
You start by wearing “vest and tights” that comes with some straps around your glutes, arms and legs that are hooked up to a device that sends out electrical pulses to your body which cause your muscles to contract. These contractions are more pronounced than they would in a usual resistance training session.
Your muscles will be contracting at a higher and more intense rate, so there is no need to use weights during this session. Don’t be fooled the basic movement and exercises used such as bodyweight squats, bicep curls and lunges, feel much harder than they are.
At BWW we combine EMS technology with a 1:1 personal training approach allowing you to get the most out of your workout, track your progress and adhere to safety.

EMS has a great track record and here are a few of the gold star benefits we have witnessed time and again.
Burn calories and fat whilst toning your muscles ✅
Build muscle strength ✅
Reduce cellulite due to boost in blood circulation to the tissues and its ability to tone muscles and tighten connective tissue ✅
Improve your overall fitness resulting in improved moods, better sleep, and posture ✅
EMS is easy on your joints and tendons as there is no jumping or running involved ✅
It gives you a full workout in a fraction of the time ✅

Busy professionals, parents juggling kids and people working through rehabilitation of injuries, EMS can be used effectively by most people especially the ones that are time-poor.
For the regular trainers out there, it holds the benefit of targeting certain areas and dial up the intensity on those targeted zones of your body and break through the development barrier or plateau you may have been facing.
EMS is a good way to complement your daily exercise routine. It is not a magical solution or a miracle device that will get you washboard abs in a week. So, if you practice the preaching of smart training and a healthy diet, EMS can kick your muscle tone up a notch and get you stronger.

At BWW we use certified trainers in the technology to guide you through your session and use the technology responsibly and not overstimulate the muscles which can be detrimental.
We also advocate limiting sessions to 20 minutes and having a minimum resting period of two days between sessions so that it remains a safe and effective way to train or enhance any existing training programme.
If you have not tried EMS yet, take the plunge and purchase some sessions from reception and see for yourself why names like Madonna and Roger Federer has jumped on this electric wagon.