We all have that lightbulb moment “how did I not know about this”

We spoke to our BWW experts and collected valuable health and wellness “have to haves” that have changed their lives for the better.

Probiotics, yes it is all that
Probiotics are crucial for gut health year-round, but you might want to take this wellness must-do a little more seriously in summer. Accidentally swallowing pool water (it happens more than you think), digesting greasy foods or dairy, yes like that BBQ and hazelnut magnum, and consuming alcohol does damages gut health, which healthy gut bacteria can reverse.

We asked Dr Andrew Thillainayagam, Gastroenterologist, from The London Clinic and he recommends ALFLOREX from Precisionbiotics

Tongue Scraping, you need to hear this

Yes, it is a thing, for those of us that have checked into a detox centre before – this is one of the first pieces of wisdom bestowed upon you.

Scraping your tongue gets all the fuzz off (graphic, but it WORKS) that has accumulated while we asleep—which not only feels good but also is good for your health.

This health ritual will rid you of the toxins and help you to avoid swallowing them back into my body. Have we grossed you out yet? Just wait once you scrape your tongue and see what comes off, you’ll be appalled how many years went by without scraping.

Self-care isn’t selfish, DUH

We called in the help of Jaquelin Hurst our life coach guru to the stars and here is what she has to say:

Get Conscious: Stressing out is a choice. For real. It’s a choice to stress out about something out of your control. Take a breath and relax. Getting conscious of what you are thinking helps. Getting aware of what you are telling yourself is a great step to changing it. Without being conscious of what you are thinking you cannot change it. Make a diary note, three times a day to ask yourself, what am I thinking, and is it helping me or stressing me out? Tip: Mediation is a great start to learn about how your thoughts come so quickly! Learning to meditate even just 5 mins a day is a great start to getting conscious of your mind.

Self-care can be as simple as spending a few minutes each day doing nothing. No thinking, no social media, nothing. Just you sitting and breathing, being in touch with your body and your inner self. It starts from there.

Our class timetable is back with all your usual instructors delivering your favourite routines, safely.

We still have our virtual classes for you to take a moment and do some mindful yoga from home or any of our other classes still streaming.

Back open does not need to be “back broken”

Here are a few dos and don’ts, now that we are back open to keep you safe and protected from our physiotherapist friend Ben Lombard.

MINDSET: We did what we needed to do to adapt. Many of us found joy in the comfort of slow-living and self-nurturing. We discovered new routines as well as new ways to keep fit, well, and safe. Now, as we re-enter our ‘new normal’ we have to climb out of our sweatpants – aka our comfort zones – and attempt to put on real clothes. Do not feel guilty for how you have spent the last few months, and how your body has changed as a result of that. We have adapted and we have done our best.

Rather than using the gym to punish yourself for the last few months, remember what you learned during the lockdown and embark on fitness classes and gym openings to create new, healthy habits. This will make my next two points a lot easier to stick to.

Set Goals and Create Routines: To avoid the ‘new years resolution’ mindset that inevitably ends in fast failure, set manageable, measurable goals. Create an end goal and work backwards from there. This way, you won’t end up taking on too much, too soon. Regular exercise is integral when it comes to preventing injuries associated with desk-jobs, occupational habits, and ageing. Back and neck pains do not arrive at 35, they develop because certain muscles need strengthening or lengthening. So many ailments that we live with are avoidable if you are prescribed the correct exercises by a good physiotherapist. To keep your body strong enough to live a long, pain-free life, you must create manageable routines rather than binge on guilt-induced fitness.

Start Again: No matter how many times a day you exercised during the lockdown, please be sure to remember that you were doing types of exercise. If you are going from running back to spinning, or from daily HIIT workouts back to lifting weights, remember that you have been using different muscle groups. Now, as you go back into the gym, you are essentially starting again. You will need to use less weight, fewer reps, and less frequent gym visits. It is a lot easier to prevent injuries than to fix them. It is also a lot less painful! Please start slow and listen to your body for the best chance of injury prevention.