Health and Wellness have been the new hedonism for some time as we swop our designer jeans for lu lu lemon tights and yoga pants. Trendy sneakers for running shoes and lunch dates for Yoga classes.
Many people centre New Year’s resolutions on being healthier, but where to start and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle is the trick, regardless of the month. A change in even one or two habits and behaviours can reap positive long-term effects.

TOP TIP: Use the 21/90 rule.


It takes 21 days to create a habit. It takes 90 days to create a lifestyle.

Let’s look into a few areas where we can help you move towards a more conscious and healthy way of living.

1. Prevention Counts

Preventing illness starts with making healthy lifestyle choices and heading off potential medical problems as early as possible.  By using our BODITRAX system in the club you get an overall look at your current level of fitness and body statistics. This can be scary as metabolic age, % body fat, your Body Mass Index (BMI) and body weight will reveal all. Information is power, once you understand where you sit at present, you can work with the facts and move towards more ideal statistics which will help you prevent illness down the line.
We recommend monthly BODITRAX progress analysis which will show you exactly which areas you are improving on.

2. Eat Well

Nutrition is key. You cannot and will never out-train a bad diet. You heard it before, we are saying it again. We have partnered with FRESH FITNESS FOOD, which is a meal delivery service that designs your meals according to your specific requirements after you have done a health assessment. Your chef-prepared meals get dropped off at your home daily to ensure ease and that you have all that you need at arm’s length at any time.
Visit to learn more.

3. Lose Well

We all have at one point or another been obsessed with weight loss. We encourage a healthy body image before any form of weight loss. Your journey needs to start from a place of acceptance and self-love to enable you to stay on track with whichever goals you have set out. Remember it is NOT a sprint, it is a race and the goal are not SKINNY JEANS but a healthy and happy you. Do it from a place of love, not loathing, for the right reason and see the difference in your journey. You know this, but just to remind those that are good at excuses: We have many classes every week that can get you moving and drop the pounds.

4. Breathe Easier

Trendy? Of course, but participating in Yoga and Pilates has some pretty great health and wellness benefits. Your breathing will thank you Later.

Our Yoga practices at BWW follow an eight-limbed philosophy, one limb of which is completely dedicated to breathing. This branch of Yoga, “life force extension”, emphasises the belief that healthy breathing and lung capacity can increase your life span. Including deep belly breathing & alternate-nostril breathing, you will train yourself to increase your
awareness of breathing and more cognitive control over your lungs. Other benefits of Yoga, Pilates and working on your breathing methods include reduced stress, improved sleep quality, pain relief, and over time, smooth and even unconscious breathing patterns.

We have many Yoga classes for our members each week and has packages available for both members and non-members for Reformer Pilates.

5.  Freshen Your Look

Feeling good about your appearance is important to your overall sense of well-being.

DON’T WE KNOW IT. The wonderful clinic of Asthetik London is located on the top floor of BWW. Dr David Rouse (MB, ChB, MRCEM, PGCert, FHEA;) and his team set up this clinic on the principle of providing safe and effective non-surgical advanced aesthetic treatments. of Asthetik’s fully trained and qualified clinical staff has an abundance of experience to give you the best advice and treatments, all in the comfort of your club.

Visit for a list of treatments and how they can help.

Watch out for our second instalment of The art of living WELL(ness) on our blog that will continue the noble quest of living healthier lives.