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About Lexi

Hello, you can call me Lexi. Over the years I have taught and motivated many people, just like you. Seeing someones life transform and improve is what inspires me to help others. To be able to witness somebody feeling fitter stronger, more confident and more comfortable in their own skin is amazing. The best word to describe my style would be balance, As well as Personal Training I am also a senior Yoga teacher, and have been practicing and teaching for over 15 years in several different countries including USA, India, Sri Lanka and Finland.


  • YMCA - Personal Trainer Level 3
  • YMCA - Nutrition Level 3
  • Yoga - Senior Teaching Certified
  • Yoga - Advanced Reiki Certified
  • EMS - Level 3

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Like all health clubs across the UK, we are temporarily closed and are not currently charging anything for Memberships.  However we are still running Online Classes, and someone is monitoring the e-mails.  If you have any enquiries about anything please get in touch on the following e-mails:


Online Classes:




We are currently working on refurbishing many areas of the club so that when our members are able to return,  it will be in better shape than ever!  Check our Instagram or Facebook page @BodyWorksWest for regular updates on online classes, and club updates.


Until we see you again, stay safe, fit and healthy!

Online Classes

With over 20 Classes per week, you can stay fit and healthy with your favourite BWW instructors whilst you stay at home.

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