What is EMS

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Whilst training, a machine delivers electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction. Muscles already contract with natural electrical impulses in the body, but with EMS those contractions are heightened, intensifying your workout in a way that your body could not do on its own.

What does EMS do?

The first step is to put on a Mihabody tech EMS electrode vest plus arm, leg and glute electrodes, with a total of 8 points of contact.
These electrodes stimulate the muscles all together to create a deeper contraction which you would not get from normal training. EMS requires no extra weights and is a predominantly bodyweight workout, helping to decrease body fat and increase muscle tone.
Your workout will take 20 minutes and consists of a full body work out stimulating all 350 muscle groups at the same time and giving your muscles a much greater workout than a conventional session. Even better you only need to train on EMS once a week to see great results!

Does EMS really work?

Research has shown that EMS is more effective than conventional weight training. During an EMS training session, up to 90% of your muscles are activated simultaneously. Only 20 minutes of EMS training per week is enough to improve health and strength.
EMS frequencies are on a low range and only stimulate striated muscle; cardiac muscles and organ muscles are not affected.

What are the side effects of Electrical Stimulation?

There are no risks involved with EMS training, however if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker you can not train on the EMS system. If you are unsure whether it is suitable for you, you should consult your doctor or ask a member of our team.

Does Electrical Stimulation build muscle?

Whilst training using EMS, all 350 muscles are being worked at the same time, which is translates to an effective 50-minute-high intensity weights workout. This helps increase muscle mass which in turn will help aid body fat loss. A kilo of fat is double the size of a kilo of muscle giving you a much leaner look.

What are the benefits of Electrical Stimulation?

Improved posture
EMS can help target specific muscle groups to help prevent back pain and help strengthen areas you may find hard to reach with conventional corrective exercises. If you spend a lot of time sitting EMS can be vital to your back and posture health.
Fat loss
EMS training can help and aid with fat loss in conjunction with a healthy calorie-controlled diet. Using all 350 muscles for 20 minutes can help burn the same number of calories as a conventional workout of 50 minutes. If you are short on time, EMS is definitely a great workout for fat loss and helping to change your body shape.
Reduced Muscle Tension
Our partner Miha bodytec have developed an EMS machine which has a relax method which can help ease muscle tension and provide a mild massage. Helpful for anyone suffering from back pain.
Improved Sports Performance
EMS training will greatly improve your sporting performance if done in conjunction with sports specific training, due to the EMS machine maximising the capacity and strength of the muscles. 

Does EMS promote weight loss?

Weight loss is a gradual process combining a good healthy diet and regular exercise. EMS can help speed up this process, providing those with short time frames to add that extra session to their weekly workout schedule, and aid in weight loss.
EMS shouldn’t be used on its own, but is a great complement to any workout schedule providing a whole host of benefits. Come and see one of our Trained Fitness Advisors to try your first session!