BWW x Movember

26 Nov , 2020 Wellness

It’s that time of the year again: Somewhere after Halloween, before the Christmas trees going up with the clocks going back in the middle. MOVEMBER when men are seen sporting a “MO” (short for moustache) as part of some fancy facial hair brotherhood…all in the name of Charity. AT BWW we are right on that […]

#LockdownWeight – lets loose it

24 Oct , 2020 EAT/Fitness/Nutrition/Wellness

Weight Loss [after Lockdown]   Now, this is a topic that us and many like us wish we could move away from, but it draws a crowd plus with the long winter months upon us where will spend more time indoors, it’s oh so relevant.   To open our discussion London’s leading life coach and […]

How to stay healthy in the city with BodyWorksWest

13 Oct , 2020 Wellness

Healthy living in an urban environment comes with its own set of unique challenges.   We have pulled our team of BWW experts together and took part in a deep dive of how working professionals in urban settings such as London can make the most of their fitness pursuits.   BodyWorksWest has created a community […]

Now I know: A health & wellness snapshot

18 Aug , 2020 Wellness

We all have that lightbulb moment “how did I not know about this”   We spoke to our BWW experts and collected valuable health and wellness “have to haves” that have changed their lives for the better.   Probiotics, yes it is all that Probiotics are crucial for gut health year-round, but you might want […]