5 Things I wish I’d known about fitness 5 years ago

27 Nov , 2019 Fitness

We love to hear from our members and we have interviewed Pieter Jooste that has been part of our Body Works West community since 2013.   With the health and wellness industry progressing rapidly it is a minefield for Joe blogs out there. From Keeto to food intolerance, intermitted fasting, no cardio, only cardio, hot […]

On my mat | Physical and emotional fitness among those with a cancer diagnosis

24 Nov , 2019 Therapy

ON MY MAT by Guest blogger Michelle Stravitz   Mindfulness: A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.   My cancer diagnosis and the months and years that followed have taught me the incredible value of mindfulness, particularly for combating the emotional roller coaster of cancer treatment and survivorship. In many […]

The scary truth about fitness

31 Oct , 2019 Fitness

It’s finally here the time of year when we welcome the ghouls, goblins and other spooky creatures into our homes!   The interest in the health and wellness industry has also opened the floodgates of evil misinformation. Separating fact from myth can be bone-chilling at the best of times and unfortunately for many of us, […]

It’s not just for Christmas…

21 Oct , 2019 Fitness

65 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS   Halloween | Thanksgiving | Christmas | Crazy!   It is that time of year and we all say “where has the time gone”. With the festive season on our doorstep, we are looking at a few easy decisions and choices we can make to stay healthy during the party season […]

Step up your kettlebell routine

30 Sep , 2019 Fitness

Kettlebells can easily be mistaken for a cannonball with a handle, but these cast iron balls can turn up the workout intensity. Kettlebell training is accessible and a practical workout for all members at BWW. whether your fitness level is more advanced to those looking to discover fitness for the first time. We can all […]

Rowing back to basics

17 Sep , 2019 Fitness

Summer 2019 will be long remembered for its sunny days, but with Autumn here and the Henley Regatta a distant memory, indoor rowing is one of those unique workouts that on the surface is about as basic as it gets.   It doesn’t sound sexy, but rowing can be bumped to the top of the […]

The art of living WELL(ness) Part 2

21 Aug , 2019 Fitness/Nutrition

Everyone seems to be on the hunt for the next big thing when we are talking about wellness. You don’t need a personal chef or live in Guru to be healthy. At BodyWorksWest the answer can be found by applying basic, fundamental and a fad-free approach to lasting wellness.   From nutrition and fitness to […]

The art of living WELL(ness) | Part 1

1 Aug , 2019 Fitness/Group Exercise/Nutrition

Health and Wellness have been the new hedonism for some time as we swop our designer jeans for lu lu lemon tights and yoga pants. Trendy sneakers for running shoes and lunch dates for Yoga classes. Many people centre New Year’s resolutions on being healthier, but where to start and how to adopt a healthy […]

The 5 Key Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

16 Apr , 2019 Nutrition

In my nearly 25 years of experience helping people get in shape and lose weight I have seen pretty much every reason people fail to achieve their goals. Often times it’s a lack of motivation or consistency of exercise and other times it can be distractions such as work travel or injury. The fixes to […]

What is EMS?

7 Mar , 2019 Fitness/Therapy

What is EMS EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Whilst training, a machine delivers electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction. Muscles already contract with natural electrical impulses in the body, but with EMS those contractions are heightened, intensifying your workout in a way that your body could not do on its own.   What does […]