Press feature on Kiom Therapy at BodyWorksWest

8 Oct , 2015 Therapy

Please enjoy this a great feature on Kiom Therapy with Aglaia at BodyWorksWest Embody-Magazine-Spring-2014 for more info click here Ki for energy Om for vibration Kiom Therapy is energetic vibrational massage that treats the entire body.  It is an integrated combination of functional and structural forms of rehabilitation, giving the body the resources and awareness […]

5 Interesting Facts about Pilates

30 Jun , 2015 Fitness

Pilates is an exercise system that has a lot of health benefits, much more than the mere developing strong abs (which is already a great incentive). Incorporating elements of yoga, martial arts and Western forms of exercise, it can help improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility, core strength and joint mobility, as well as relieve […]

Powerhouse Pilates with Lucy Slater

16 Jun , 2015 Club News/Fitness

Lucy Slater is a Stott Certified Pilates teacher, with a background in dance having trained at The Arts Educational School. Lucy has always been passionate about anatomy and takes great pleasure in empowering her clients with a comprehensive understanding of how to optimise muscle recruitment and body control. Lucy trains clients at BodyWorksWest for all over […]

Sandwich, Soup or Salad? A Guide to London Lunching

3 Nov , 2014 Nutrition

Choosing the wrong lunch can have a direct impact on your waistline and your energy levels, laying you open to the dreaded mid-afternoon slump that usually has you reaching for biscuits or chocolate in the office. Here’s our latest guide to healthy London lunching at some of the most popular outlets, so that you can […]

Cereal Killers

3 Nov , 2014 Nutrition

Do you tuck into a hefty bowl of cereal every morning, secure in the knowledge that it’s a much healthier option than a bacon sandwich or a full English? If so, it might be time to think again, because most commercial cereals are absolutely full of sugar. There is increasing evidence to suggest that excess […]

Learning to See the Aura Event

1 Oct , 2014 Club News

Hello, I am Daniele (Daniel Pilates teacher) I would like to invite you to attend a special event organized for the first time ever in the Uk by the Strucker institute of Germany. I have had the pleasure to meet them and I highly recommend their event. Here’s what this first meeting is all about […]

Your Club Manager – the Channel Swimmer!

15 Sep , 2014 Club News

Myself and the rest of ‘Team Squid’ successfully swam across the English Channel in a time of exactly 13 hours.  In doing so we raised over £15,000 for the charity Aspire.  I would like to thank all BWW members and my colleagues for their support and generous donations, it was a wonderful experience and one […]

Eat Yourself Fit – How to Avoid Everyday Exercising Errors

29 Aug , 2014 Nutrition

If the Commonwealth Games coverage has inspired you to get on your bike, put on your running shoes or actually use the gym membership that you pay a fortune for, then it’s important that your efforts don’t go to waste. Whether you’re going to the effort of exercising regularly or are undertaking an intense training […]

High Intensity Bodyweight Interval Circuit Blast & High Protein Breakfast

21 Aug , 2014 Fitness/Nutrition

I moved to BodyWorksWest as a trainer three months ago today so thought it only right to mark the day with the launch of a brand new to BWW High Intensity Bodyweight Circuit class. This style of training is very much suited to my specialist way of training and conditioning clients. During the class, members of BWW […]

Six Pack Abs Vs Core

12 Aug , 2014 Fitness

“Look at that guy with the great abs… he must have amazing core strength!” Have you ever heard that? I know I have as a trainer. That same guy couldn’t hold a plank let alone do any core exercise correctly. This is because of an amazing diet, possibly combined with great genetics. But mostly the […]