The mindful personal trainer part 1 (postural analysis of kyphosis)

7 Aug , 2014 Therapy

Being a Personal Trainer is not just about prescribing any exercise you can think of, throwing them into a workout just because they are of great difficulty and trying to exhaust your client. There is far more to it than that. I believe that every training plan should have a purpose, therefore every training session […]

Breakfast; The most important meal of the day?

5 Aug , 2014 Nutrition

You often hear said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is this true? Being the good skeptic that I am I never take anything as being fact unless there is good evidence and a recent study provides us with some in relation to the breakfast question.   The  study in question looked […]

Sunday 19th Jan 10AM: Olympic and World Champs group cycling session

5 Aug , 2014 Fitness

Get your cycling shorts on and take this opportunity to relive the British Cycling Glory of 2011 & 2012 and have a great workout at the same time. Ride with our cycling gold medalists in a unique 60 minute audio visual experience that’s not to be missed. On the track you’ll take part in the […]

New Class – Athletic Conditioning

5 Aug , 2014 Fitness

Athletic conditioning is a new class specially designed  to enhance athletic performance. Classes will focus on: Speed Agility Explosive power Plyometrics Coordination & Reaction training Olympic style weight lifting and many other sports specific training methods. Whether you play Sunday league football, the odd tennis game, or would just like to add something different to your […]

Wave Goodbye to the Winter Blues

25 Jul , 2014 Uncategorized

February is often a gloomy month and it can be hard to keep up your spirits, but changing the balance of the foods we eat can have a dramatic impact on our mood and motivation. The network of nutrition in our bodies is highly intricate, and too much or too little of a certain food […]